Wholesale Program

Increase your sales with one of the most recognizable Michigan apparel brands available!  Live Love Michigan offers comfortable, fashionable apparel for the whole family, with proven profits for retailers just like you. 

Retail Partner Requirements

While we strive to make Live Love Michigan accessible to everyone who lives in or loves our great state, we do have a few very basic requirements for our retail partners:

  • Your business must have a sales tax license, and/or a Tax ID or FEIN number
  • Your business must be either a “Michigan store” (or at least have a “Michigan products” section), or else a clothing store which does not sell its own branded clothing. If a Michigan store, the nature of the store or Michigan products section must be obvious, and prominently displayed in view of the public. If a clothing store, you must sell clothing primarily related to Michigan, and/or individual towns/cities/regions within Michigan.


  • Your store is called “The Michigan Emporium” and sells only Michigan-made products
  • You have a small, eclectic boutique, with a prominently labeled “Michigan Products” display
  • You have a “t-shirt shop” in a tourist town, with other shirts that say “Michigan Pride,” “Up North,” etc.

Live Love Michigan reserves the right to determine eligibility of its retail partners at its sole discretion.

Absolutely no online sales of Live Love Michigan products are allowed under any circumstances.